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Nestled at the heart of Australia’s literary community, the Dymocks Beyond Words Competition stands as a beacon of creativity, imagination, and youthful expression. Spearheaded by Dymocks Tutoring, Dymocks Books & Gifts and Milligram, a stalwart in the Australian book industry for over 140 years, this competition is more than an event; it’s a movement towards nurturing the voices of tomorrow.

At Dymocks, we believe every child holds a universe of stories waiting to be told. Our vision is to transform these whispers of imagination into roars of creative expression. The Dymocks Beyond Words Competition is not just a platform but a launching pad for young Australian writers to catapult their stories from the confines of their minds into the hearts of readers nationwide.

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With a legacy deeply rooted in promoting literacy and a love for reading, Dymocks takes pride in being at the forefront of literary advocacy in Australia. The Beyond Words Competition is a testament to our unwavering commitment to cultivate a culture where young writers are celebrated, nurtured, and given a voice.

We invite the young storytellers of Australia, from bustling cities to the serene countryside, to share their tales of wonder, adventure, and discovery. Our competition is designed to be a nurturing ground for these emerging talents, offering not just substantial prizes but a chance to be acknowledged on a national stage. Stories are the fabric of our identity, shaping our understanding of the world and ourselves. By encouraging young writers to share their stories, we’re investing in a future where empathy, creativity, and critical thinking flourish. The Dymocks Beyond Words Competition is more than a contest; it’s a commitment to the growth and development of Australia’s future storytellers.

Join us in this extraordinary journey of discovery and celebration. The Dymocks Beyond Words Competition is a vibrant community of young writers, supportive families, dedicated educators, and literary enthusiasts all united by a shared passion for storytelling. Together, we’re not just writing stories; we’re weaving the tapestry of Australia’s literary future. Your story deserves to be told. Your voice deserves to be heard. The Dymocks Beyond Words Competition is your stage. Whether you’re penning your first story or looking to share your voice with a larger audience, we’re here to support, celebrate, and elevate your creative journey.

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