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The Story Island Project is a Hobart-based not-for-profit organisation that nurtures the creativity and writing skills of young Tasmanians and celebrates their diverse voices. With the support of our enthusiastic volunteers, Story Island runs dynamic, school-based storytelling workshops where young people are empowered to create their own stories. Our vision is for young people to harness the power of their imaginations so they can grow to be resilient and creative shapers of their own lives.

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Dymocks Tutoring, Dymocks Books, and Milligram share a commitment to enriching lives through education, literature, and creative expression. Dymocks Tutoring is dedicated to empowering students from Grades 3-12, enhancing their academic skills, confidence, and long-term success with personalized tutoring programs. Dymocks Books fosters a love for reading and learning by providing a wide range of books for all ages. Milligram, similar to The Story Island Project, focuses on cultivating writing skills and creativity, through unique storytelling initiatives that encourage individuals to explore their imaginations and express their diverse perspectives. This involves community-driven workshops, programs that support literacy and creative writing, or collaborations that bring stories to life, aiming to inspire and shape the futures of participants.

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Story Studios Australia (formerly Melbourne Young Writers’ Studio) is amongst Australia’s leading creative writing organisations; a hub for creative writers, young, emerging and experienced. Story Studios hosts an expansive array of fun, tailored, and immersive programs for young people, schools and adults – Online and from Carlton, Melbourne. 

In Story Studios Kids and Teens, young writers are mentored by passionate, practicing writers about the craft of story writing. Through these programs, young writers participate in publishing opportunities, writing comps, workshops, school holiday programs, and more. 

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